Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knock, knock! Who’s there?

Yesterday was Neil Nitin Mukesh’s happy birthday. Out of nowhere Twitter went crazy with jokes about Neil Nitin Mukesh.

“Neil Nitin Mukesh calls his biceps, six pack”

“Neil Nitin Mukesh once won a race, he got gold, silver and bronze”

“Gutthi can do a complete 5 min intro joke sequence with Neil Nitin Mukesh. ‘Nitin-Neil, Neil-Nitin, Neil-Mukesh....”

In fact, the man of the hour himself tweets saying the best joke came from his father “three cheers to NEIL NITIN MUKESH”

The world has found a new pastime after making jokes about Alok Nath and Arvind Kejriwal about their sanskaaripan and honesty.

I must admit that all these creative jokes made me jealous about the fact that I couldn’t come up with even one joke. I mean, think about the creative genius who came up with – “Alok Nath is so sanskaari that he removes his chappals before playing Temple Run.”

These trends can rarely or never be orchestrated. These are things that catch people’s fancy and then spread like wild fire. I mean, there have been people more sanskaari than Alok Nath (I would presume). But his character in ‘Kanyadaan’ really put him in the limelight. Of course the fact that he has only played a sanskaari father in almost all his movies helped, I guess.

But are these jokes just jokes or are they part of a brand building exercise? Many brands over the years have run Twitter contests where a particular hashtag is promoted. Tweets about the contest is promoted and the brand managers pray really hard that the audience laps it up. More often than not they do lap it up.

What if brands were to jump on to an already trending topic? What would those jokes be like?

Colgate would say
“Alok Nath is so sankaari that he uses Ganga jal with Colgate toothpaste”

Honda Activa may post
“Alok Nath is so sankaari that he has to break a coconut everytime he takes his Honda Activa for a spin”
“Neil Nitin Mukesh was caught riding triple seat on a Honda Activa”


Tell me your thoughts.


Amrith said...

ha ha.. nice.. i like the triple seat riding joke.... Maybe u should start a new meme....

Rishar Raviraj said...

Just riding on the current hype :D