Thursday, January 9, 2014

Building my personal brand

The concept of creating a brand out of you is not new in this internet savvy age. Actually people have always strived to create a niche and work hard to create an impression – first or lasting. Like everything else today, personal brand has also found a platform for amplification.

After working in public relations for nine years I have decided to build a brand of me. So here I begin…

1.       What is the brand?
Communications specialist with creative bent of mind. The problem with creativity is that it is very subjective. We have had flashy clothes being sold at fashion street and Dharavi. The staple fashion for the ‘massy’ Bollywood buff. The so called elite would cringe at these clothes. Last year however, neon was the ‘in’ colour in the fashion circles. Now the same elite wear ‘flashy’ expensive clothes. Reebok and Nike came out with neon shoes. Who thought of these outside the box ideas? Or was it already in the box waiting to be discovered in new light?

There is probably nothing new that I can come up with as a creative communication specialist but implementing ideas in a way that gets noticed is perhaps something any communications professional can, should and probably is bound to do.

2.       What is the differentiator and the message?
Anyone with a laptop is today a writer. Yes, no one owns pen and paper anymore. Even if they do it would be to create a to-do list, which may be stuck on the refrigerator door. Anyone with a voice is a communicator. There are a million ideas online on how the communication landscape is changing, people are increasingly consuming content online and organisations are drowned with ‘big data’ – a mine of information about consumers, their preferences, behaviour which will help companies to better their products and services. So what is my differentiator?

The key to being successful in any field is to foresee the future. What is going to be the next big thing in your industry and what is your point of view on it? I foresee convergence. It is not so much a foresight as much as it is today’s reality. However, with the power that each individual has today to do a myriad of activities that were once specialised, the future lies in being jack of all trades.

3.       Who are the competitors?
There are 7.1 billion people in the world. 39% of them are using the internet. However, everyone can create a space of his/ her own. The most important thing it to be heard, seen and be searchable.

4.       Implementation
Here’s where I start getting generic. Remember that creating an online brand is not rocket science. You have all the tools that help you showcase your talent – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, It is more easier than ever to own a domain with your name. I would have loved to own but a jeweller in Florida already owns it. But since no one in India seems to own the name, I’ve immediately blocked

5.       Points to remember
Be true to yourself. Internet is a public place. If you won’t say something aloud in a crowded place, you probably don’t want to say that on the net either.

Phew! That is enough for the day. As I move forward I’ll share more tips. Stay tuned for more stories from my life.

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