Sunday, October 31, 2010

The big splash!

The bride was picked up with her trail sweeping the beach sand. The celebration was unmistaken by people around, as firecrackers light up the dark Goan sky. Even the police turn a blind eye to the bridal troupe on the beach. This was a celebration like no other. As friends of the bride and the groom take shots of Vodka and Scotch and wash them down with Beers, the bride was dropped into the sea.

Big Splash! Time: 1.00 am

The celebration has peaked with high spirits all around in the air. It was time to call it a night. All the bride’s maids and all the groom’s men, and the rest of the gang pack in MUVs to go home, where the party continues. And the bride and groom zoom away to have their own little party.

17 hours before the big splash!

The bride calls me to deliver the bride’s maid to get dressed. I was the official chaperone to pick up the guests who decided to land for the wedding in the last minute. Between the errands, an agitated bride decides to share the stress with me. I don’t blame her. It’s her big day and everything had to go perfectly. It was going to be a long day, so everyone better have slept well.

27 hours before the big splash!

We are somewhere in North Goa. Need to go back home to take some rest before I start my errands of picking up the last minute guests for the wedding. But how can you resist all the fun and dance and booze of North Goa, especially, when you are visiting the city only for a few days. We decide to stay on for a couple of hours more. It turned out to be more than a couple of hours.

48 hours before the big splash!

I am apologizing to a stranger. “I am playing pool after 7 years,” I said. I must have repeating this twenty five times, while playing miserably. It is difficult to take aim when you are totally buzzed and you are seeing more than one striker ball. As expected we lost the game.

There was a firang dancer, gyrating to Kajra Re, and later doing a belly dancing number. All friends joking around, partying, playing truth or dare with the bride-to-be. Later in the evening everyone hit the beach. No, not swimming but spoiling our shoes and good clothes. This is the best bachelorette party ever!

52 hours before the big splash!

We just reached ‘Boomerang’, the venue for the bachelorette party. The bride is looking pretty wearing a small white veil. There were 15 guests, most of who met only earlier in the day. We sit around the table. No one has a clue how to spend the rest of the evening. The only thing everyone was sure to expect is lot of alcohol. This party may get boring soon.

9 hours before the big splash!

All the bride’s maids were sitting on the first row of the church of the left. All the groom’s men sat on the right hand side. Some of us were in these roles for the first time. Some of us were attending a Christian wedding for the first time. Thankfully, we had a booklet with the details of the ceremony. The stupidity on our part was that we kept reading the booklet rather than look up at the actual ceremony. I had not slept for 30 hours, and will not be sleeping to the next 12 hours. The priest asks, “Do you take this man to be…?” Thankfully, my only job was to just sit among the groomsmen, fighting to stay awake. Everything else was going as planned.

31 hours before the big splash!

“There’s a change of one of the bride’s maid.”

“What? One day before the wedding?”

No time to ask rhetoric questions. We are on our way to the shopping complex in Panaji to buy a dress for the new bridesmaid. Nothing goes as planned.

It is amazing how very few clothes there are in a single shade of bluish grey. We don’t find the right fit. So the new bridesmaid settles for something less than perfect. Nothing done last minute can be perfect.

27 hours before the big splash!

Somewhere in North Goa, while we were partying by the beach, the new bridesmaid found the perfect dress in a nearby store. Things can fit perfectly when you least expect it. Need to head back home to get some sleep. Well that was not to be.

12 hours before the big splash!

The bride and the bridesmaids are all ready for the wedding ceremony. Of course, there has to be a good photo-shoot before you start with the traditional events. The single most important instruction for the bridesmaids was to mind the grand trail of the bridal dress. This should not get messed up.

Only twelve hours later, it will find its way to the sand and sea of Goa.

Bonita and Joseph, have a great married life ahead!


Pradeep Chakraborty said...

You need to blog more often! ;) As for the topic -- select the one closest to your heart -- it could be anything! Even love!! ;) Cheers.

Rishar Ravi Raj said...

Thanks Pradeep, well the topic of my blog is real life incidents that seem like it should be part of a movie script. :) I hope I'm getting that message across.

Tania said...

Interesting narration...almost felt like watching a movie.

Mrunmaiy Abroal said...

Dude ur lucky to have been part of all this madness. Isn't it a great feeling to just be there for your friends when they need you to most. Good job by the way- both on site as well as with the blog post. Cheers..... Hic

Lakeri said...

he writes well na pradeep.... he seriously should write more then just press releases n was amazin... wasn't gthere to see it but could picturise it well in my head... wonderful master keep it up.....

Rishar Ravi Raj said...

Thanks Tania, Mrunmaiy and Lakeri. :-) watch out for more madness.

Bonita said...

Hey my 'incident' is very very well captured...weddings are really fun wen you get different perspectives on the event....thanks for making it really special.

March Hare said...

Brillaint as always! Thanks for recapturing it all... Wish was there!

Yash said...

It was like watching a Pulp Fiction.. well written, keep writing

Shwetha said...

Really well written rishar! I missed it all :(