Saturday, May 17, 2008

These are the things that dreams are made of…

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I have a dream”? I’m guessing it would be very recently. Everyone dreams but only a few have a dream and even fewer who realize that dream. Take a look around. Every second person wants to dream of being someone or doing something. More often than not, these are more of targets (achievable ones) rather than dreams. When I hear these losers, I feel what’s stopping you from dreaming of being the Prime Minister rather than having dreams of joining politics.

I can already feel the disagreement among the readers (Are you seriously on the second paragraph?). Yes, you are right. I am mixing dreaming big to getting famous. Maybe that’s my benchmark. I hear a lot of my friends say that they would like to do something on their own, but when it comes to the ideas it is still on the ground.

Hey, so you know that it’s your dream; so what’s stopping you from asking for the moon and the stars? Whether you will get there, is a different question (and an entirely different topic for useless bloggers like me). I would rather dream about Nicole Kidman than my neighbour’s daughter Neelkamal Kaur right.

But why am I writing about dreams all of a sudden and if you have reached up till here, you should be expecting something and I thing I owe it to you.

We are in a very interesting phase in India. We are talking growth, GDP, rupee appreciation and all the jazz that comes along (and I also just finished, Chetan Bhagat’s ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’). When I really look around and see all the famous Indians who have made international headlines, I am tempted to pursue my dream. What’s my dream? My dream is to make headlines!

Of course, I still do it for my clients (being the super cool publicist and all). But my dream is to be in the headlines. Honestly I think this should be the dream of every Indian. Of course, going by what the media loves to cover today, it would be much easier if people turned out to be rapists, pedophiles, murderers or gangsters. But that is of course not what I’m meaning. Really!!

I am truly inspired by the growing number of IIM graduates who wish to start their own set up giving up astronomical pay packages. I’m also charged up by the number of growing number of Indian sportspeople who’ve made their mark internationally in Tennis, F1 and of course cricket. Not to forget the creative guys – writers, actors and painters. Whew!!

How did these guys reach where they are today? Of course, they would claim that it was a chance, hard work, ambitious parents and the likes. But the real truth is that they had a dream. And a really big one at that. So why don’t you hear very few of these guys claiming that they have achieved their dream. Well, I think that is because their dream is much bigger than where they are today.

Now would you want to live knowing that these guys were born with a chip on their shoulder or do you want to dream. Dream an obscenely unachievable, utopian, glamorous dream.

So what if I don’t get there. I can still proudly say – “I have a dream!!”


Swati said...

Inspirational sarcasm...that is!!
People like this are vital to 'office' life!! Cheers!!

sarwath said...

keep dreaming rishi.....but dream that finally u land up with atleast something!