Saturday, May 17, 2008

Confessions of the sarcastic mind

“Are you crying?” came a voice of a concerned colleague next to me. The question was aimed at another colleague who was heard sniffing away to glory. “No, that is just a river flowing out here,” came the stabbing reply. “Ouch!” – you may think. But this is a sarcastic mind working overtime.

The beauty and the art of good sarcasm is when you make a joke of the situation. Piss off the other person and still be friends all the same. This art has been mastered by this young lady who is the unofficial crown princess of the sisterhood of sarcastic society of India.

Well who’s the person in question? Not that most of you would know even if I gave out the name. Running the risk of being charged of abuse I have to mention that the princess’s name literally means ‘girlfriend’ in Hindi and is also the name of a contraceptive pill in India. How’s that for glamour? Could you have a more blockbuster name?

I must admit that I am sort of mastering the art of sarcasm myself. Being sarcastic is of course the best way strumming the nerves of the person you are having a conversation with. Of course it is always a pleasure to meet your match. Helps in exchanging notes.

I really don’t think that sarcasm is a bad thing. It is a way of showing off your wit. Like the say, “If you have it. Flaunt it.” - And why not?


Melissa said...

Well well well. Just to put things in perspective - I SIT NEXT TO THIS SARCASTIC SISTA... I'm currently receiving a crash course in the art of being sarcastic without sounding insulting. I somehow feel like the subject of it as well but I think it's all worth it... Here's to our new-found girlfriend.

Swati said...

Inspirational sarcasm...that is!!
People like this are vital to 'office' life!! Cheers!!:)

swapnil said...

u write well dude.....plz post more but come out wid sum creative writing...haven't u still learned to write creatively???