Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Nite Fever

Psychologists have been studying human behaviour for centuries now; and to freak us all they have been naming various traits as phobias and manias. They also say that if you have studied psychology, it is difficult to cure you of any such disorder, since you already know the tricks of the trade. (Well, I am not an authority on this so please don't take my word for it)

I have been personally been quite intrigued by psychology. (Although, nowhere in my not so illustrious academic background will you find any trace of even touching on the subject.) My daily dose of the so called human behaviour comes from lifestyle magazines and newspaper supplements who know that people like to read what could be possibly wrong with them in the brain area.

For a long time, I would proudly announce that I was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. (I know! I belong to a certain category that people would call "freak of nature"). I've lately also started keeping my workspace clean and arranging documents on my desk in decreasing thickness. (Alright, that's not wierd! Fine!)

But the one thing I really, truly suffer from is Friday nite fever. I don't know whether this is properly documented in any psycho journal, but it is a matter of extensive study. (I hope someone's listening).

This is a phenomenon mostly seen among young urban population. After five day's of greulling work (whom are we kidding actually) schedule, patients like me look forward to unwind on Friday night. What happens if god forbid, there is no plan this Friday? Anxiety, palpitation and restlessness follow. As a side effect, another condition called 'loneliness' may also creep in. Cell phone activity increases manifold. Patients suddenly feel 'friendless' and also experience another serious condition called 'miserable'.

As someone who has gone through this condition many times, I have also researched on some possible cures for this disorder.
1. Always have stand-by friends. These are generally losers who do party on Friday nights but are open to hang out if given an opportunity. It would also help if you are rich.
2. Get a girlfriend. Not an easy job, if you are ugly and lack the general charm for attraction. In case you are ugly and curt, then you got to be rich
3. Have an attractive bar at home. If nothing else works there is booze back home.
4. Go out alone anyways and hope to make friends on the way.

If none of the above works, then you got to go and visit your friendly neighbourhood shrink. If you have the right money, maybe he'll come out partying with you....


Venky said...

Nice one Rishar!

After reading this, i realized that i too am suffering from this "Friday Nite Fever".
Will try to use your tips to get out of this syndrome ;)

Prabha Mohan said...

so are you intrigued by psychology or by the idea of suffering from psychological problems? =) .. they are two very different things. cos in one you are the doctor and in the other you are the patient. :D

i think i suffer for the opposite of friday nite fever. all i want to do on friday is go back home, watch a movie and sleep. but merrymaking always comes in the way!

Sarwath Tonse said...

U freak...u dont know...u dont have friday nite fever.... u actually have fantasymania!!!this a case wherin u always wanna live this imaginary life of happiness, booze, beautiful love, money, difference in life etc. and when u get into reality u get depressed!

one solution is get married to some decent girl....and tere akal thikane aa jayenge!!!

and u also suffer this syndrome where in u feel u have all the bad luck...but wanna prove that u r different somehow!

LINKS said...

Hey Rishar,

I really don't know whether you are a freak or got psychological problems but def your writing is really interesting!! :)


Joyce said...

no sarwath i agree with rishar with the friday nite fever coz i too have a similar condition
But rishar i wil try using u r ideas and if u have any more pls pass on