Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First time blogger's dilemma

I think the one topic that most amateur bloggers like me (or should I say first time wannabe blogger) that is written the most is 'What do I blog about?' Unless you are one of those very few people in the world who are totally focussed in life or perhaps even have the faintest idea of what you want in life, chances are that you are as clueless as I am regarding - what to blog about?

Now, that's not very difficult you say? Let's see. You don't want to be too frivolous and talk about your daily activities (what's there for others to know anyways), you can really act intellectual and write about philosophy, politics or the evolution of the universe (but you really need to know these stuff right) or you can write about sports, leisure or entertainment (now that sounds great, but my experience is, believe it or not, low in this area as well).

So, its 10.30 in the evening. You are still in office trying to create something that the rest of the world would see and judge. You are totally, physically and mentally exhausted. So what do you write about?

Just sign off...

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Venky said...

Hey! that's wat i did when i had plans of writing my blog some years back. But the strangest part is, I always signed off ;)

Rish, Why do you delete the commments posted on your blog?